Letter to the Editor

The Bargain Seeker

I love to go to garage sales.

There is bargains galore.

I think it is much more fun

Than going to the store.

The one thing that bothers me,

And is a pet peeve of mine,

Is trying to read that address

At the bottom of the sign.

Maybe I’m just getting old,

But it looks like to me

They could write that address

Big enough to see.

Then it’s very frustrating

Because when I find the place,

That yard sale was last week

And is now gone without a trace.

If they go to all the trouble

To nail signs all over town

Then once the sale is over,

You should take the signs down.

It’s tantamount to littering,

And if the city had the time,

They could collect the sale signs

And legally assess a fine.

Jeani West