Letter: Two people have stake in abortion (July 13, 2022)


It appears that Diane Daiute (July 6) is a very unhappy person and wishes she had not been born.

We have laws because it is the only way we as humans can see our way to keeping any order. Humans have a drive to control what is around us, crosses our paths, and determine what choices to make.

It is no longer the woman’s body when another human being is involved. What if it is a little girl’s life and she just might want to live? If it was “just a blob of tissue,” then that woman may think her own life is in danger; however, it is a person and she is now responsible for that life.

Murdering that life is not “out of her control.” Laws just help us remember what we are really responsible for, others around us!

Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home