Letter: When leaders run afoul of the right (March 22, 2023)


The current federal administration has been nighttime trafficking unaccompanied alien children, using chartered airplanes, to multiple cities with every flight, dropping them off in city after city like items for delivery.

Yep. According to Judicial Watch Verdict (March 2023), since early 2021 Uncle Sam himself has been charter-jet trafficking unaccompanied foreign children on your tax dollars.

Closer to home, in Portland, current like-minded ones propose a solution to homelessness is to simply pay them (your tax dollars). In addition to cash, Portland recently dumped (er, gave away) 21,000 new tents and 69,000 tarps to the homeless.

Guess what: Portland homelessness promptly increased 30%.

This is a small example of “re-imagining” the future. It looks to be “man-made doom now, dystopia next.”

So it goes: Man-made energy crises, food crises, man-made financial crises, and man-made political and military conflicts all set the scene for their new world. These are pre-planned instigators to usher in what they themselves call a “New Global Order.”

Keep in mind: Those in the dark are most vulnerable to the deeds of darkness.

There are times when a society falls into darkness, under tyrannical and persecuting kings, imprecatory prayers may also be appropriate.

The Lord God of all the earth has power to take down ungodly rulers from their positions of power whenever it pleases Him (Daniel 4:31-33; Acts 12:23).

When the magistrate (government) violates its God-given responsibility and enacts lawless demands that are contrary to the Word of God, it is the duty of Christians to respectfully obey God rather than man.

For many centuries, keeping a clear conscience and blameless ways before God was considered good in society – promoting truth, providing for our own, living content with our own condition.

Is it now?

Pete Ready