Letter: Where’d all these rules come from? (Dec. 22, 2021)


I’m sick of all these rules! Rules made up by un-elected bureaucrats and low-level clerks, telling us what we can or can’t do!

Who the heck do they think they are?

Mandates! And just who came up with all these crazy ideas? Some looney gets elected in this country and suddenly they think they’re in charge? When did the will of the people stop mattering? Just who took away our right to do as we wish and say what we want? And who says we have to follow these petty tyrants’ rules anyway!? I’ve had it and I’m not going to take it anymore.

A driver’s license just to drive a car? I’ve been driving on pavement since seventh grade, and now some government lackey at the DMV says I have to prove that I know how to drive? And all of this in the name of some so-called “public safety” issue. This is nothing but Marxism.

Smokey Bear threatening me with that shovel… “Put out that campfire!” Who put him in charge of my weenie roast anyway? Authoritarian nonsense.

Septic tanks?!? Really? The government just goes and makes a rule and now everyone has to have a septic tank? Says who? I didn’t move out to the country just to have some college kid tell me what to do with my poop! I have my rights, you know.

Teddy Roosevelt finds some hair in his breakfast sausage and suddenly all meat has to be inspected! A fine example of the Burgermeister’s bootheel grinding down on the little guy. Outrageous!

Liability insurance on my car? What? I’ve never killed anybody! And hardly ever had a wreck, far as that goes. Who gives these socialists the power to tell me I have to have insurance? And while we’re at it, who made up all these traffic rules anyway? Any knucklehead already knows how fast to drive! And we sure don’t need some “public servant” to tell us what lane we have to drive in.

I demand my rights! I demand my freedom! After all, as some smart guy recently said at a town hall meeting, “My freedom is more important than your health!”

I hope everyone out there will join me in telling all these power-hungry commies to just go away and leave us freedom-loving Americans alone. Oregon already has way too many mandates. I’m thinking of emigrating to Idaho, a place where freedom still means something! And if there’s anyone out there who thinks Idaho is just a shade too pink, well, I’ve been doing some research on places where the government just stays completely out of the people’s business.

So far, Somalia looks pretty promising.

God save the constitution, and to hell with government mandates.

John Marble