Letters to the editor August 29, 2017

Abortion could be

big tourism boost


So now our Oregon legislators and governor, after years of debate, have discovered a new way to increase tourism in our great state.

And they didn’t bother to ask what we, the people of Oregon, thought about it. Nor did we even get a voice or a vote.

It will be interesting to see just how soon the national women’s magazines notify their readers on how and where to have an economical vacation that will relieve you of your burdens and give you peace and joy.

Perhaps the headline or ad will say: “Have a Beautiful Stay-cation in Oregon and Leave Beautiful and Free Baby-Free.”

Barbara Story

Sweet Home

Eclipse experience



I could hear a few people cheering during the beginning of totality during the eclipse.

But they quickly hushed and never returned when, I assume, like me, they were unexpectedly overwhelmed with this powerful sense of connection to and love for our planet, our universe and beyond…

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home

Thanks, planners

for smooth eclipse


On behalf of all of us at Samaritan Health Services, thank you to the many individuals and organizations who were involved in the advance planning for the Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse.

From all accounts, the planning and logistics for this spectacular event went off about as smoothly as could have been hoped for, with after-event traffic jams being the primary challenge for some travelers.

This real-life event provided an excellent opportunity for us to work with multiple community partners to help keep our residents and visitors healthy and safe, and I believe we can all feel very good with the outcome.

And, as an added bonus, we were all treated to an amazing sky show for the ages.

Thanks to all!

Larry A. Mullins

President/Chief Executive Officer

Samaritan Health Services

Accusations against Right unfounded


I appreciated your column about Jeani West (July 26).

I usually agreed with her when I read her letters. Sometimes a letter is so long it loses me, but I get a basic flavor for that writer. I appreciated her.

I think she would have written about the insanity in the East in Virginia and North Carolina. So I will try to say at least what I feel, which seemed to agree with what she felt.

I just feel so distressed about all of it, that I don’t know what to address first.

Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan groups and others like them – people who put the general peaceful population in danger – have freedom of speech, but I’m sorry they do.

Ditto for people who chant. When a protest group is chanting, they are such a waste of time to everyone. Name-calling and chanting accomplishes nothing except to whip up a destructive frenzy on both sides – the ones doing it and the ones sick of it, and they cannot exist together peacefully.

Anyone who chants “No Cops!” are a lawless group who need to be physically removed. The rest of us want the people there to prevent lawlessness. Let them chant their dangerous hate rhetoric in prison.

Yes, in Charlottesville there was wrong on both sides.

People on the Right – whom others on the Right don’t appreciate identifying with – are haters who make people frightened and feel free to put everyday people in danger.

Those who identify with the Left, whom the Left seem to welcome support from, feel free to put everyday people in danger.

Those groups – on the Left and on the Right, are very similar and they make others feel unsafe. In fact, they make them to be unsafe.

Let’s address “white supremacists.” I’m gathering that a “white supremacist” is someone who thinks all leaders should be pale-skinned. How about some sane conversation here? Very few pale-skinned people are white supremacists.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because I am a white supremacist and, like it or not, all you people who chant that, here’s news for you: Not all the people who voted for him are white.

Let’s look at globalists versus nationalists. All nationalists are not neo-Nazis or Ku Klux Klan – or like them. A nationalist believes in keeping the borders of our country secure and embracing the differences in cultures. A globalist wants borders to disappear.

I agree with our president that I want America to be a distinct, unique nation. That’s not where Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton were headed.

I agree with the president that schools are turning out a product that largely needs to be more. A lot of students can’t read or write or think. That’s a problem: They’re easy to brainwash and control.

I believed too, when I voted for Mr. Trump, that something needed to be done about medical for veterans.

I also believed that taxes need to be simplified so you can do yours in five minutes. This is your income, this is your tax – no shelters, no deductions.

I also believed that there was too much “Big Brother” – there still is. But it’s slowly getting better. Too much OSHA, too much accrediting requirements forcing expensive options when good old American know-how would be cheaper and just as good or better.

I further believe that our new government should go one further: the corruption of the legal system.

In a fair trial, a guilty person is punished; they should not get off scot-free. All evidence that is true evidence is part of “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” It should not be allowed to be suppressed or denied.

There are simply two sets of basic opinions in our country right now and the election is long over. The Left have had enough time to be sour grapes. Meanwhile, the rest of us who live here are pretty sick and tired of you.

Unfortunately, some of you help run the country or the town or the state and some of you publish the news. You hystericize and lie, and it doesn’t help anything.

I don’t know if reality or sanity or rationality can be restored. I can only hope for it.

Terry McNulty

Sweet Home