Letters to the editor May 16, 2017

Sad that circus is

coming to town


It was such a sad day when I learned that the Chamber of Commerce was hosting the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus on May 22.

Putting animals into cages and hauling them across the country is the main issue with the circus. The logistics of caring for wild animals on the road raises many questions.

This 19th-century form of entertainment was amazing for a time. But that is not true today. Using animals in traveling circuses should be outlawed in Oregon.

As a former member of the chamber Board of Directors, it breaks my heart that the chamber is in trouble.

But, no matter how worthwhile the organization or how desperate they are to raise funds, we should not support a circus that uses animals.

For those interested in protesting this circus appearance, I will be at the chamber, 1575 Main St., next Saturday, May 20, from 10 a.m. to noon, as well as at the rodeo grounds, in the 4000 block of Long Street, prior to the two circus performances on May 22.

Kim Palmer

Sweet Home

Please try to help

keep SH clean


This is for (you know who you are), the litterbugs who go to the local grocery store or fast food place and head out to your favorite spot or just take a ride, and throw your litter out a window or leave it behind.

You had space to take it where you are going, you have space to take it back home or drop it in the nearest trash can.

Please try a little harder to keep our roads and areas cleaner for all to enjoy.

On another note, please sweep your sidewalk after you mow your lawn.

What a mess.

Bonnie Healy

Sweet Home