Levies a ‘windfall’ for city officials


Here it is again… the new levies. What many of you don’t realize is that our homes are now valued more than the last levy. You may be surprised at the new evaluation. Please call the Assessors Office in Albany to get the new current evaluation of your home or property. 

Many homes in Sweet Home are in the $200,000 price range now. At the last levy they were probably $150,000 or less.

I did the math on $200,000 valuation. At $7.85 per thousand, it comes to $1,570.00 for the police and $234.00 for the library. Or a total of $1804.00 for just the levy – in addition to your regular Assessor’s bill.

This is a huge windfall for the city fathers, not to mention a hardship on the rest of us.

Remember the overage last levy time? The city took a big chunk of the designated money from the police and library and put it in their General Fund.

I vote no on the levies until the city fathers reduce the amount to what they REALLY need to fund these projects.

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home