Liberals fail to take responsibility


You just gotta laugh at the liberals in this world.

After reading Diane Diute’s letter to the editor in The New Era last week, it only cemented my opinion that she is a die-hard liberal that does not understand that Obama, after six years, needs to be held accountable for something. I have never seen a president so dishonest in his dealing with the problem we have now. He can’t even admit we have a problem much less deal with it.

As far as the Iraq war goes, every Democrat liberal voted for it except for Obama, who never voted yea or nay, and Sen. Wyden, who even voted to have the United Nations take over our gun control laws. It is time to vote them both out.

Liberals never ever take any responsibility for their actions. They will always find some one else to blame. Whatever goes wrong with this world from now on they will always find a way to blame Bush for the problem except when they are blaming an obscure video for the death of four American citizens in Benghazi, the cigarette manufacturers for people smoking, the fast food industry for people being fat, the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell for the spousal and child abuse and Republicans for global warming.

There has been no change in temperature for over 15 years. Climate change has been going on since time began. How else would you explain so many ice ages?

Time to grow up, Diane, and start holding your president accountable instead of finding excuses for him. Just for fun, I for one, would just like to hear your excuse for where he was during the Benghazi attack.

Jeani West

Sweet Home