Local prices too high for writer


First, I would like to compliment you for your efforts to improve Sweet Home and for the improvement that you have made to this paper. Thanks.

There has been much written lately about the need to spend–and encouragement to spend locally. As to the first, I can’t spend any more. I am already spending all I get. However, I’m taking home a lot less due to price hikes. Gasohol, as promoted by our governor, has really cut into my budget.

As to shopping locally, I find that the local business price themselves out of my budget. Driving as close as Lebanon can save significant amounts. I mean fifty to one hundred percent! It is not my purpose here to point fingers but if a Lebanon store can sell an item for $1.27 and it is $2.89 in Sweet Home I feel cheated. And this is not on just one item – it’s on almost everything.

I would like to purchase here but I just can’t afford not to go to the place where I get the biggest bang!

Merchants can listen to or ignore me. But I bet that most of them, except for what they are selling, shop elsewhere.

Give us a break and we will shop locally.

William C. Curtis

Sweet Home