Loving doesn’t require endorsing


Jesus said the greatest commandment is to “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.”

Just because I love you does not mean I have to love and endorse your lifestyle, choices or agenda.

In fact, what you do with your life is your business; don’t make it mine.

Don’t involve me in your lifestyle. Don’t ask me to be a your best “what ever” at your gay wedding. Don’t make me pay for your choice of killing an unborn child.

Don’t make me pay for your marijuana or other drugs of your choice.

Want to be a man instead of a woman? You pay for it.

Want to marry your brother, sister, mother, father, or 10 other women? Don’t drag me into it.

If you don’t like my choices, leave me alone.

Don’t believe in guns? Don’t buy one.

Don’t believe in God? Don’t go to church.

Don’t believe in eating meat? Don’t have a hamburger.

Your business. Your monkey. Don’t expect me to train it.

Jeani West

Sweet Home