Mailer shows Johnson’s true colors

Sherrie Sprenger’s opponent just showed her true colors by sending out an ugly mail piece full of misrepresentations about Sherrie Sprenger.

Her opponent claims Sprenger is all about power and money. That could not be further from the truth and anyone who has worked with or knows Sprenger, knows that she has spent years representing and serving her constituents selflessly, often times going above and beyond.

Did you know that she worked quietly to get the remains of a POW returned to his wife after 45 years?

Did you know that she puts her personal cell phone on everything and welcomes calls from anyone?

Did you know that she paid for expenses for important legislative conferences out of her campaign account so that tax payers wouldn’t be paying for those things?

This is not a game to Sherrie; it is about making a difference and being accountable to those you represent. Apparently, Sherrie’s opponent doesn’t understand that and wants to play political games.

I believe that how you campaign is how you will lead and unfortunately I don’t like what I’ve seen from Sherrie’s opponent. I am truly disappointed by the mailer that had nothing but garbage on it. Sherrie Sprenger is one of us and will win on election day. Join me and vote Sherrie Sprenger.

Macey Wessels