Management out of touch at park


We had a beautiful Mother’s Day Sunday, perfect for a walk in Cascadia State Park.

I heard the noise as soon as I stepped outside, and then smelled the fumes.

Two park employees were running wood through a chipper. I asked why on earth they were doing such a thing on a Sunday morning – Mother’s Day.

They told me the park manager told them to do the job on this day.

It is beyond me why, in 2000, we got the park folks to run their chainsaws, blowers and mowers during the week and not on the weekend, when more folks are apt to visit our park.

Here we are again, 12 years later, dealing with the same issue.

On this Mother’s Day morning the people running the chipper were very clear that they were going to do the job they were assigned, regardless of any feeling the public may have – sort of a “you don’t like what we’re doing, too bad. What we do trumps anything the public might think.”

Is it wrong to think our park is to enjoy? The camas field is starting to bloom; at least that hasn’t been cut down.

Wildflower Buttitta