Measure 49 not a fix for Measure 37


Meaesure 49 does not “fix” Measure 37. It repeals it, and the sponsors know this.

Measure 37 corrected the missing (and promised) part of the 1970 land-use legislation by paying eligible landowners for the loss in property value caused by a land-use regulation.

Measure 37 was passed by more than 61 percent of Oregon voters, who understood this, and was immediately challenged in court. That failed. So the governor, special-interest activists and the Democrats in the last session of the Legislature crafted Bill 3540, now on the ballot in an expensive special election as Measure 49.

This is an insult to the thousands of Oregon citizens who worked hard to pass Measure 37 and to the millions of individuals who own property.

The intent of Measure 49 (destroying property rights for everyone) is disguised with clever buzz words about being “fair” and “saving farmland.” Measure 49 will put property decisions back in the hands of central committees and special-interest groups with their own selfish political agendas, with no intention of compensation for the loss of the value of your property.

Vote “no” on Measure 49.

Deanna Dyksterhuis


(Retired Corvallis farmer)