Measure 91 has many fatal flaws


We are all free to make our own decisions in life. However, we are not free to choose the consequences of those decisions. Consequences are natural outcomes of choices – whether for good or ill.

When you cast your vote on Measure 91, make sure you understand the choices you will be making.

Measure 91 is poorly crafted with many fatal flaws. Did you know that Measure 91 allows people to legally possess eight times more pot than even what is allowed in Colorado? Did you know that if Measure 91 passes, possession of marijuana in jail will no longer be a crime but instead a mere infraction? Instead of being punishable as a felony, as it currently is, pot possession in prison would receive a punishment similar to a traffic ticket. This greatly reduces our ability to maintain security and order in the jail.

Measure 91 contains no restrictions on using pot around children. This is troubling, considering that Measure 91 allows possession of one pound of marijuana-infused edibles per person.

Colorado and Washington have seen the introduction of such marijuana infused foods as “pot” tarts, “krondike” bars and the like. The consequence of this in Washington and Colorado has been an increase in marijuana-related emergency room visits for children.

Legalization will increase marijuana use among teens. Since legalization in Colorado, teen marijuana use has climbed to a level 50 percent higher than the national average. Colorado’s legalization has increased drug-related school expulsions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that two-thirds of students who receive mostly Ds and Fs were heavy marijuana users. Marijuana use during adolescence is directly linked to the onset of major mental illness, including depression, schizophrenia, and psychosis.

The marijuana of today is not the same as marijuana from the 1970s. In the ’70s, most marijuana contained about 2 percent THC content – the psychoactive element in marijuana. Today’s marijuana can test at more than 25 percent THC content.

Measure 91 will produce many negative consequences. Measure 91 is poorly crafted, has too many loopholes, and will increase youth marijuana use. The polling on this measure is very close.

Please join us and vote no on Measure 91. (For more on this topic go to

Bruce Riley, Sheriff

Doug Marteeney,

District Attorney

Linn County