Median efforts volunteer work


This letter is in response to Melanie Fassler’s letter of Nov. 2 regarding the city manager, City Council, mayor, etc.

Our city manager, Mr. Martin, is not a “gardener.” He organizes the volunteers who do the landscaping and maintenance of the beautiful median strip in Sweet Home. He makes sure the Beautification Committee volunteers have on safety vests and are working in a safe manner. The other activity Mr. Martin does is the maintenance of the irrigation system in the median strip.

Work on the median strip takes approximately two to 2-1/2 hours, twice a month, during the spring and summer, rain or shine. So Mr. Martin may work four to five hours a month on this activity; but in addition, he still has all his regular duties. He ordinarily puts in 50 to 60 hours per week on his city manager duties. He doesn’t get paid by the hour; he gets a flat salary per month.

We believe that Sweet Home’s being Mr. Martin’s hometown since childhood is one reason he so willingly and unselfishly give his time and expertise to projects benefiting the community. And, the beautification of Sweet Home does benefit the entire community. The flowers and landscaping are very appreciated, not only by Sweet Home residents, but also by tourists, visitors, and those actively seeking to purchase or sell property in the area.

By the way, the City Council, mayor and all the city committees are manned by volunteers who are only reimbursed for expenses. New volunteers are always needed for these positions and for the Beautification Committee. It is an excellent way to get to know the leaders of our city. Many times, the knowledge obtained from volunteering helps change a person’s opinion. Volunteers are always welcome.

Some of the positive suggestions made in Mrs. Fassler’s letter have been, or are being looked into.

Phyllis Osborn-Smith

Alice Grovom

Sweet Home

Beautification Committee