Meet the Court: Princess Zoë Garrett

Princess Zoë Garrett is the daughter of Jessica and Ryan Garrett, and sister to Kaia, 15, and Aubry, 10.

She chose to fundraise for Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV), which provides services and support to women in violent situations.

“I am honored to promote an organization that does amazing things for vulnerable people in our community,” she said.

Garrett works at Radiator Supply House. In high school, she participated in soccer, a sport she’s been playing since first grade.

Garrett intends to spend the next school year preparing for college and taking classes that will get her ready to earn private and commercial pilot’s licenses.

“I’m also planning on going to France after New Year’s to further study my French and get more experience in the language and culture.”

She said she joined the Sportsman’s Holiday Court because she was interested in becoming more involved in her community.

When asked about her favorite Sportsman’s Holiday tradition, she said she and her family have always enjoyed taking their old cars into town for Cut the Gut.

“It’s a super fun event,” she said.

In her opinion, the best parade-watching location is near Sunshine Espresso where refreshing drinks could be accessed. She recommended families bring sunscreen and kids bring bags “to catch all the treats that are thrown from the floats.”

“That was always a fun memory for me,” she said.

Now that she sits on the Holiday Court, Garrett said she’s really enjoyed the elementary school visits and reading to the kids.

“It’s cute to see all their answers about their favorite books and what they plan to do for the summer when prompted.”

Garrett added that she looks forward to being in the parade for the first time in her life.

If she could meet someone from a different decade and have dinner with them, Garrett said she would like to meet Cleopatra and take the opportunity to ask the queen if she really did have contact with aliens.

Going with this year’s Sportsman’s Holiday theme, “Diamonds and Decades,” Garrett was asked which decade she identifies with from a fashion standpoint.

“Definitely my own,” she responded. “I love the freedom of choosing what I want to wear and I’m glad the times of the strict ‘women have to wear skirts’ is over.”

Garrett described how she would showcase Sweet Home to a friend, to which she said she’d start the day off with breakfast at The Point.

“It’s such a delicious place for any meal, honestly, but their hot chocolate definitely hits the spot,” she said.

They would then go on a hike at McDowell Creek, after which she would take her friend to Serrano’s Taqueria, “a delicious Mexican stop,” where she likes to order the Oregon Burrito and chips.

Garrett finds that the lake is “the perfect place” to spend a hot afternoon with inner tubes, water skiing and wake surfing, and Sunnyside the best place for relaxing and sunbathing.

For dinner, Garrett would take her friend to A&W.

“There are other A&Ws, but I think I speak for most of Sweet Home when I say ours is special,” she said.

She also recommends a stop at Oregon Jamboree for “the perfect way to end the night with a concert.”

Garrett’s favorite part about living in Sweet Home is the small-town community.

“Knowing the best spots to hang out in the summer, the best places to eat, having my favorite coffee shops and knowing people you can count on is just really nice.”