‘Misconceptions’ behind concerns


As a long-time member of the Sweet Home Library Board, I believe I can clear up some misconceptions there may be concerning the Sweet Home Library and its staff.

Currently, the Sweet Home Library has a budget which allows for one full-time, two part-time employees and one fill-in employee. The newest library employee was hired for the fill-in position which means they only work when one of the full or part-time employees is sick, unable to work or on vacation.

The employee leaving the library has also been working part-time for another Sweet Home city department.

That department offered her a full-time position, which she chose to accept, which means she will no longer be able to work part-time for the library.

Every attempt is made to hire the best people to work for our library and our librarian, although involved in the process, does not make final hiring or firing decision for any library employee.

Kevin Hill

Sweet Home