More to education than grades, tests


I continue to be impressed by the actions of members of the student body of our high school. Last year they supported local charities during their Battle of the Sexes.

The unselfish actions of a student giving his place on the Homecoming Court to another and the inclusion of a physically challenged girl on the “cheer squad” are examples of caring individuals and a caring culture.

For sure, there are many other student incidents of caring and selflessness that take place on a daily basis that do not receive public attention.

Caring practices have had a very long tradition at Sweet Home High School. They have been handed down from parents, community members, alumni, administrators, teachers, as well as fellow students. Celebrate these treasured societal values.

Unfortunately, too much emphasis is placed upon “state school report cards,” “achievement tests,” “Common Core,” etc. as the sole indicators of quality education and future success.

The quality of citizens and our communities is measured by how we treat each other, not by a report card “A” or a state or national ranking.

Keep up the good work and our Sweet Home tradition.

-Chuck Thompson, Sweet Home