More to story on Weber quarry


I can’t believe what the neighbors are saying about the Weber Pit (Feb. 9, “Quarry issue continued.” Maybe it’s because we, here near the Liberty rock pit, haven’t gotten anyone going up and down the Liberty Road stirring up people.

I have two houses closer to the Liberty rock pit than any of their houses near the Weber pit. The Braun house is 930 feet from the blast area. Mine is 630 feet from the Liberty pit. Richard Ball’s is 1,025 feet from the center of the Weber pit. There are five houses closer than Mrs. Wilson’s. She might be closer to the driveway but not to the blasting area of Weber pit.

I asked my son, a licensed surveyor, to give me an aerial photo showing distances to nearby houses for both rock pits mentioned above for comparison. In fact he has a house as close to the Liberty pit as Richard Ball is to the Weber pit. He has had no damage.

The hardest blast we ever felt was when the county blasted at the Wodtli pit that joins Liberty pit to the South. They used 6-inch diameter holes where the Emmerts have never used more than 3.5-inch diameter holes.

I understand a major concern for landowners near the Weber pit is the loss of their wells. We have a good well within 660 feet of the Liberty pit that serves three houses. It has not been affected by the blasting. Ask any well driller – wells lose their production all the time and it is not because of blasting. More than likely it is due to aquifer depletion.

I read the letter that Mr. Poto wrote and submitted in two papers and then was quoted at the hearing before the County Commission. I couldn’t believe all the inaccuracies in his letter.

I told Roger Emmert, “You need to write in the paper and correct it.”

He said, “The commissioners are smart enough to figure out the truth.” Roger thinks all the “inaccuracies” in Poto’s debate will only be detrimental to their cause.

I hope the commissioners can look beyond the emotional hype and decide on the true facts and legalities in this case. The rules in place should apply to all rock pits – even the one adjacent to the Liberty pit under contract with Linn County Road Department. There should not be decisions made based on the hysteria.

Opal Brubaker

Sweet Home