More to the story than news can tell

No more nasty telephone calls, please.

Since our son, Deputy John Lovik, was arrested for an alleged assault on our friend, we have received dozens of calls of support that we appreciated very much. The nine nasty ones we did not.

As I have a hearing problem, my wife takes the calls. I get angry when someone upsets my wife. This is not a good thing.

People should know that newspapers and TV news programs only report the information they are given. Many times, the information is inaccurate and/or incomplete as in this case.

For example, a TV news program stated that our friends were visiting from Kentucky when in fact they are my oldest son’s neighbors. John was visiting his brother when he was invited to come next door for margueritas. Bad decision, John. Your body has never tolerated hard liquor.

Shortly before John’s arraignment, at least six people were subpoenaed to appear at a hearing. Three of that group were not called in to testify. Of the three, at least one witnessed the two men, both somewhat under the influence, falling down the porch steps.

At least two of the three witnessed the two rolling on the ground trying to get untangled, trying to get to their feet. The two witnesses helped them get to their feet and got John loaded into a vehicle to be driven home.

There were no angry words, no intent to hurt anyone. That fact, that our friend repeatedly told the responding officers he didn’t want charges filed against his friend, says a lot.

Someone of higher authority made that decision. The situation makes a person think of the mount, the molehill and the waste of taxpayer money – and to whose benefit?

Not mentioned by the media were the lives John has saved during his nearly 20 years of service nor the many lives he positively affected. Also not mentioned were the awards he earned, such as the two medals of valor, one of which was personally presented to him by then-Gov. John Kitzhaber.

John is a good officer, and like other officers, doing an often-difficult and frustrating job, sometimes a very nasty job. He is even better a man, but a man that over the years developed a problem with alcohol when off duty. I’m happy the problem is being corrected.

Lastly, to those few who made the nasty phone calls, now that you have been better informed, make no more calls. You have my phone number, so my address should not be hard to obtain.

Come to my home. Knock on the door and ask to speak with me, not my wife. You and I can then have a very meaningful, short discussion.

Lloyd M. Lovik

Sweet Home