Mueller more than a leader


Many have shared their views about the exceptional leadership skills that Tim Mueller possesses as Sheriff of Linn County. I would like to share with you another attribute that Tim has given to Linn County.

I was introduced to Tim over 15 years ago, when my husband served with him as post advisors in the Linn County Search and Rescue Unit. Being involved with this unit as well, I observed how young men and women came together and worked with Tim as a cohesive unit, earning and showing respect to their leader.

Some of them have grown to serve citizens as deputies and also have and are serving in our military. Tim has shown compassion and concern to families whose loved ones have been lost, and the gratitude when they are returned. There is no way to measure the blessings of families reunited.

Over the past 15 years, as the wife of a senior deputy, I have been able to observe the growth of the Sheriff’s Office. I can truly say that the morale and attitude of the deputies has never been stronger in the last 10 months. When you have strength in numbers, the benefits to the citizens of Linn County are enormous.

Not only do I support Tim as our Sheriff, but I am proud of and thankful for the friendship our families share. All I can say is “Mueller in ’06!”

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