Mural comes down

Sean C. Morgan

After one day and a lot of sand, the 8-year-old mural on the Vets Club is gone.

The building had not been sealed prior to creation of the mural in 2003, and the painting had started peeling and deteriorating.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars turned to the Sweet Home Active Revitalization Effort for help, and Reed’s Painting of Scio, subcontracting for McCubbins Cutting Edge Construction, blasted away the old paint on Wednesday.

The murals, which covered the south and east walls of the club, depicted an eagle flying over Oregon country and each of the branches of the U.S. Military – the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Both walls are visible from Main Street.

Brenda Hollenbeck and Doug Gibson created the murals, starting with a sketch on a napkin. Gibson sketched the eagle and basic design, and Hollenbeck painted it. They had help on a variety of tasks from numerous members of the Vets Club, including Marty Lovik, Max Delano, Stanley Sloan, Dale Caviness, Marion Fritts, Bill Bass and Teri Spier. Caviness helped paint the east wall.

The Vets Club will get new paint quickly and a new mural during the summer, said Bill Nyara, a member of the SHARE murals committee.

The SHARE Planning Committee has narrowed the colors to three, Nyara said. The committee was scheduled to meet with VFW Commander on Monday to pick a color.

Gabe McCubbins said he was planning to start painting on Tuesday.

The new mural will be painted on the front part of the east wall, Nyara said. It will be similar in size to other murals throughout the community.

The mural, which is being planned by representatives of both the VFW and SHARE, will incorporate both military and historical themes, he said.

“If we have any consistency in our murals, it’s historical.”

The bulk of the project is being funded through the SHARE Commercial Exterior Improvement Program, with a $1,000 contribution from the Linn Cultural Coalition and a contribution from the club, which has been very easy to work with, Nyara said.

“We don’t know what (the theme) is yet,” he said. “We’re going to have a meeting on Wednesday.”