Museum roof gift of generous donor


Have you noticed?

The East Linn Museum received a new roof, or at least part of a new roof (the rest will come in the spring) recently. This was prompted by a major leak which occurred during the spring rains and discovery that the 15-year-old roof was in poor condition. We can thank Sam Cairnes for providing the funds to accomplish this project. If you don’t know who Sam was, stop by the museum to see his picture and to look over the display of Scouting items which keep this very special man in our memories.

A portion of Sam’s estate, left to the museum, has been invested and is providing interest income for the museum. Now part of that investment will be used to keep the museum building in good shape.

Yes, if the museum is to keep Sweet Home’s history for generations to come, we must keep the museum building in sound condition. It is the continued volunteer and financial support of Sweet Home people which will accomplish this. Thank you to those of you who support the museum with your membership, your time and your donations.

Glenda Hopkins


East Linn Museum