Negativity not productive


I’m not sure why I am bothering to reply to the most recent letter by Kim Lawrence as the tone and content of her letter indicates she only listens to and believes what she wants to.

I was also at the special meeting of the City Council where the mayor and pro-tem were elected. When you made your comment about the elections, I believe the mayor told you that it was an internal matter for the council, which happens to be true, not that it “was not a public matter” as you indicated.

The city charter happens to lay out how those things are done. If you want it changed, get a petition to put a charter change on the ballot.

As to the placement of the screen for the presentation of the council, yes it was in the rear of the room and made it difficult for some to see; but keep in mind that it was indoctrination for new council members. It was important that they be able to follow.

There were vacant chairs available, in fact, some right by me, that with a little effort people could see what was going on.

Were you made to feel unwelcome? I don’t know, but I didn’t see or hear anything directed to you except the mayor’s comments, which were on point.

It’s not always necessary to agree with city government. In fact, I have made it known at times I didn’t agree with their actions, and I’m sure there will be times in the future that I won’t agree. But a continuing barrage of negative letters is not the way to get things done. The old adage, “sometimes you reap what you sow,” may be appropriate in your case.

Dave Holley

Sweet Home