New City Hall was needed investment


I feel Mr. Scott Walker’s letter (April 22) was unfortunately stated as if the City Council and supervisors over the operations of the City of Sweet Home are carelessly overspending funds without concern for costs.

The costs of operation are, at best, a slippery slope. Trying to keep a budget in line with income is difficult for any working family, it does not get easier when a city is forced to do so. The old City Hall building has had construction issues for years; trying to repair or replace it was just not feasible with the limited budget. Trying to find a building to utilize was the only solution available.

To those of us forced to settle for subgrade housing in our senior years, that fact is a cold reality. The new City Hall is a great improvement that will last for years more. There will always be payroll issues. The current pandemic will cause more than just payroll it will take a huge effort of courage to face the income losses for local businesses.

The individuals on the City Council and all the personnel involved in heavy operational decisions are human and caring people working with what there is, hoping for what will be.

Bonnie Neal

Sweet Home