New public trash cans being installed around SH

Sean C. Morgan

If they ever had a good excuse for dropping trash along Sweet Home’s streets, litterers won’t any longer as the city begins replacing and adding new trash cans to Main and Long streets downtown and Main Street in the Foster area.

The city has received 30 new receptacles and has been replacing them over the past few weeks.

City Manager Craig Martin said staff will replace trash cans like the one outside Figaro’s and City Hall, about 12 total.

The rest are being placed at new locations, depending on property owner approval in some cases, Martin said. The city doesn’t have any trash cans along Long Street now, but Long Street will receive some of the new cans, including one at 18th and Long to replace a blue barrel where old garage sale signs are thrown away.

The city will take about two months to get them all installed on the streets, Martin said. The new cans cost $18,000.

Funding is through the city’s economic development funds, Martin said, and it is consistent with the efforts of the Sweet Home Active Revitalization Effort to improve downtown appearances “and hopefully the beginning of more downtown streetscape-type improvements.”

Along that line, Sweet Home Active Revitalization Effort (SHARE) members will meet in September with representatives of the National Main Street Center, a program that can help bring opportunities as the city moves forward improving appearances, Martin said. The program can help provide resources at different levels of involvement.

In the meantime, the city is getting on board and replacing trash cans that “are pretty well shot,” Martin said. The city also has no way of keeping water out of the existing cans when it rains.

That can cause the receptacles to overflow with trash into the street, he said. The new cans have covers, and they’re more durable.

The existing cans are at least 20 years old, and Martin believes they date back to the 1980s, at least.

The Foster commercial area has a lot of pedestrian traffic using recent pedestrian improvements, so the city will place a couple of cans in that area too.