No Excuse for imprisonment


Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi should have never been in prison for one week, much less months.

Any of you who think his release just in time for elections in any thing but political must be a liberal.

To think that we have a president and a secretary of state who are so inefficient that they can not exert enough political clout to get Tahmooressi out of the Mexican jail within days is total incompetence. They should be removed from office.

But if, in fact, we have a president and a secretary of state so corrupt that they would do nothing to get Tashmooressi released until they could profit politically from the release, should be considered toxic waste and removed from office.

There is no excuse for this young Marine spending months in jail. Had it been a politician’s son or daughter they would have been released the next day with an apology from the Mexican government.

Jeani West

Sweet Home