Oak Terrace/228 corner still danger


I was on the Safety Committee when I got some neighbors from Oak Terrace and Hwy. 228 to come to voice their opinions.

It has been many months, and they have yet to do a thing. The problem there is, kids and adults turn that corner really fast and are speeding through there way over the speed limit. I noticed one of the neighbors who came to the meeting have their signs out again saying “Speed Limit 25.” It is pretty pathetic when citizens have to put out speed limit signs. We had ask for police patrol, but were told they are too busy.

A friend had suggested that perhaps since no one will help these neighbors, that maybe the city could put in a small median coming from Hwy. 228 entering Oak Terrace and down a ways. Not only would this slow down people, but the citizens who came to the Safety meeting asking for help would feel they have been heard and something can be done.

I don’t see why they should have to attend another Safety meeting since they went unheard when they did come. I would do anything to help these people. They were very sincere and I too, if I had children, would want something done before a child is killed there. Is that what the city has to wait for? Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

So on behalf of these neighbors, I hope the city will do something. A taxpaying citizen should not have to put out speed limit signs. What does this say about our town when people are coming down Hwy. 228 and they see these homemade signs? Probably the same thing they say coming down Hwy. 20 and Pleasant Valley Road: “Does this town have any police officers?”

P.S. To those people who have contacted me about the Mayor’s calendars all over City Hall, I almost have the petition ready. Sorry for the delay.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home