Oath of office rings hollow


My husband and I attended a “Special City Council” meeting with a friend. It was where the newly elected councilors were sworn in. And other agendas.

I spoke up after a councilman made the motion to elect Jim Gourley as President Pro Tem. I stated that I disagreed with that decision and understood the mayor’s response to say “this was not a public matter.” I think electing the mayor and pro tem is a very public matter, in fact I think the public should elect these positions rather than being nominated by the council.

Mr. Gourley has been given the same oath as all other council members. And in this oath it states “they do solemnly swear to support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Oregon and the ordinances of the city of Sweet Home and the council code of conduct to the best of their ability.”

Mr. Gourley violated a local ordinance at least three times and was fined. How can a public figure expect the citizens to obey the laws, when he himself does not? What kind of message does this send?

There was a presentation being offered by The League of Oregon Cities but the screen was to the public’s back and seemed to be presented only to the council members so we felt unwelcomed and left.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home