Obama editorial off to bad start


After reading your Nov. 12 editorial, I realized that some people are very bad losers, but even so, to be so extreme in your viewpoint about trying to connect Barack Obama with Marxism is so out there that from that time on, what you had to say was questionable.

You could have signed the editorial by Rush Limbaugh and Sean O’Hannity, and I wouldn’t have been surprised. You imply that Obama belongs to some “elitist” group, but both George Bush and John McCain come from a class of society that I also consider elitist.

None of them come from the same level of society that you and I are part of. They are the upper class with backgrounds and education better than anything that I or my family could afford.

Your logic needs to be applied across the board. For myself, I favor a more open government where our president encourages press conferences and allows all the press to pose questions. I favor a president that offers hope and unity for the United States.

I back the Second Amendment and the total Constitution with every bit of my American patriotism. I believe that the Second Amendment is the main ingredient in keeping America free.

I don’t have a problem with the rich and the ultra rich having to be taxed more. We have taxes. We have to pay them. If you make more money, why shouldn’t you have to pay more taxes? Why isn’t the trickle-down theory also considered “spreading the wealth around”?

The money is supposed to trickle down and spread, but there is nothing that says it really has to. It could go to umbrella payments and unbelievable severance packages. Why shouldn’t those who might make less and are raising families have a break?

I did not feel that John McCain and Sarah Palin would have led the country in the right direction and millions of people agreed with me. Are you implying that all of us are so stupid that we all fell for a person who might abolish our First and Second amendments?

As for news talk radio, why would you think that because the president is a Democrat that he has to fear conservative viewpoints? The only reason that conservative radio might stop is because no one is listening to such extremist rhetoric.

Let’s keep score over the next four years and see what really happens and if your fears don’t come true will you then write a new editorial and admit that you were wrong.

I watch and listen to most of the news, including Fox, MSNBC, CNN and the nightly news. I know that in between Fox and MSNBC, I will receive a message from the right and left, and that it is my responsibility to gather all the information and make a serious and well-thought-out vote for the man that I think will be the best president for the United States.

To me the implications made in your editorial are an affront to any sensible person. Extreme is only good for extreme people. The United States needs and deserves a more open government, one that we can respect and that is respected in the world, one that will work for most of us for aren’t we all citizens of the United States of America?

I believe that most of us take that very seriously when voting for a new president, especially during difficult times.

In regard to some of the letters to the editor in the same Nov. 12 issue, why do you people seem to think that declaring themselves a Christian or a reader of the Bible gives them some special insight into politics?

In fact, Christ could be considered a socialist as he believed that we are our brother’s keeper and that if your brother has no coat, take yours off and give it to him. As Christians, aren’t we supposed to do Christ’s work without pride and pray for others in secret? Are you saying that if you didn’t have the Bible, you wouldn’t do what was right?

Many people used the Bible for all kinds of rationalizations, including Jonestown, and many Christians are extremely bigoted people.

Trying to live what Christ instructs us to do and live it in a silent and quiet manner with the compassion that Christ teaches is more in tune to what I believe the Bible is trying to teach.

I have never written a letter to the editor, but the Nov. 12 edition of the paper was more than I could bear.

Pamela Mitchell

Sweet Home