On novelty store: Cool it, folks


I can’t believe how riled up people are getting about this store opening up (“Sex toys won’t work on Main,” April 18). Has anyone looked around after nightfall in Sweet Home? The tweekers come out like cockroaches.

I feel this little store is well presented and if one takes the time to actually go in and take a look they will see beautiful art work on the walls and, yes, pipes that also are a work of art. The owners are awesome people and well mannered.

People need to pull their heads out of the sand and quit talking crap and go in and check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised at what a little gem LNM’s is. And as for the pipes and bongs, come on, it is not illegal or morally wrong. If you want to outlaw pipes, you would have to outlaw fruit, cans, rolling papers because, believe me, you can smoke out of just about anything (take it from an old-time hippie).

These are people who just want to support themselves and stay off welfare, so kick back and take a chill pill.

J. Martinez