Organizers seek Sportsman’s Holiday Court applicants

Scott Swanson

After a year in which the Sportsman’s Holiday Court had little opportunity to engage in what would be normal activities for participants, organizers are hoping to get things back up to speed this year.

But first, they are waiting for applicants for the 2021 Court. The Sportsman’s Holiday Court’s application deadline is this Friday, April 30, and organizers are encouraging eligible young ladies to step up to represent Sweet Home as princesses.

Cassie Richey is chair of this year’s organizing committee, which also includes Michelle Knight, Krissy Mathers and Nicole Devlin. They will get support, as needed, from Shelly Larson and Carla Hogan, both Chamber of Commerce Board members, along with Richey.

Last year’s court members – Queen Becky Belcher and princesses Brenna Boyd, Natali Chase, Addy Gilmore, Katie Robeck, Jillian Lynn, Olivia Martineau, O’Rian Offutt and Kaitlyn Victor – had very limited opportunities to engage with the public, she noted, which is a primary function for the court in normal years.

“Last year they didn’t get to do a whole lot,” Richey said. “I’m just trying to revamp and maybe come up with some new traditions while still doing the old. I just want to make it a positive program for girls in our community.

“We’re hoping that this year we can have some fun with the girls and get them out to some some positive experiences and for them to be good examples and ambassadors of Sweet Home.”

In addition to Sportsman’s Holiday, those typically include events such as the Strawberry Festival in Lebanon, the Brownsville Pioneer Picnic, Scio’s Lamb and Wool Festival and others.

Richey was not a court member herself, she said, but she has ideas to juice up the experience for participants.

“I want to try to find other fun events around the valley – like barbecue competitions – anywhere they can go to talk about Sweet Home. I’m trying to come up with creative ideas, new stuff, that they can go on some adventures around Sweet Home to promote the community.

“We’re excited to get the court picked so they can have input on what ideas we might implement.”

She said the committee has talked “a lot” about training in personal development and career development – you know, how to interview, how to write a resume, how to behave in public.”

Her goal, she said, is to develop the program to the point that “next year we just have girls knocking on the door, asking for the opportunity, to make it a goal in their junior year – something that’s desirable again, and a really positive program for girls in our community.”

For more information or to apply, visit or contact the Chamber of Commerce at (541) 367-6186.

Sportsman’s Holiday Junior Court

Also, the Sportsman’s Holiday Junior Court is up and running again this year after a hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

Since first-graders last year did not have a chance to participate, this year’s court will be open to both first- and second-graders, who will be randomly selected from each school in the Sweet Home School District. Notification will be made by the month of June.

Participants will need to be available for a yet-unscheduled photo shoot, the coronation ceremony (evening of July 8) and a rehearsal, which will likely be held some time in the two days previous to the ceremony, the Chips & Splinters Talent Show (July 9) and the Sportsman’s Holiday Parade (July 10) and optional participation in the Logger Olympics, which follows the parade

Parents will need to dress their children according to prescribed standards. Cost to participate is approximately $50. Although a king or queen will not be crowned, each boy will receive a scepter and each girl will receive a tiara to keep.

Applications, available at the Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce, are due May 7 to the applicant’s teacher, or may be scanned and emailed to Karla Burcham at [email protected], or may be photographed and texted to Burcham at (541) 401-3339 or to Kylie Armstrong at (541) 401-7089.