Out-of-control Corvette injures four

Benny Westcott

*UPDATED 7/14/23 – 11:58PM*

An out-of-control Corvette struck multiple spectators, injuring five and sending three to the hospital during the Cut the Gut burnout event Friday night.

The incident happened at 8:08 p.m. at 2210 Tamarack St.

Sweet Home medics transported three of the victims to Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, according to Sweet Home Police Department Capt. Ryan Cummings.

Those were Patrick Reining, 34, of Crawfordsville, Fredrick Vancurler, 72, of Lebanon, and a four-year-old girl from Crawfordsville. The injured that were not transported to a hospital were Amber Remington, 29, of Crawfordsville and Duke Carda, 59, of Albany.

Sweet Home police, Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District and Linn County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash.

Sweet Home medics looked for and treated injured persons among the large crowd at the scene, Cummings said.

Ivan Brown, 70, of Sweet Home, the driver of the vehicle, a 2018 Chevrolet Corvette, is cooperating fully with police, Cummings said, and there was no indication of impairment during the investigation. He did not believe that alcohol or drug use was a contributing factor.

The sponsor of the burnout checkpoint, which took place on Josh Victor’s property, was Shawn Anderson.

Police officers obtained statements and video from several sources in relation to the incident, Cummings said. The incident remains under investigation, and he asks that anyone who would like to submit a video or make a statement call Officer Tyler Robinson at the Police Department’s non-emergency line, (541) 367-5181.