Parade was great ride


Wow, what a neat perk! As a member of the City Council, I was afforded the privilege of riding in the Sportsman’s Holiday parade Saturday.

Living in the green house on the corner of 18th and Long, we have always enjoyed the parade from our front yard as it started and ended there. However this year my wife and I were able to enjoy it from a new vantage point: riding in it.

It was a great occasion to allow my wife’s uncle, Roy Gaskey, to show off his bright red, ’56 Chevy. He and his wife, Darlene, were gracious enough to chauffeur my wife, Debie, and I. But the real treat was seeing all the people that were there.

Sitting in a single spot, watching the floats, cars, people, indeed the parade go by doesn’t give you any idea of how many people there are that come to this event. The ages span all the years and I saw twinkles of enjoyment in eyes of every hue and age.

If you looked at us and saw us wave and smile, don’t be cynical and think, “Well, there goes another politician making a show of it.” That wasn’t the case. Maybe such things happen over time as the newness wears down, but this time our enjoyment was sincere and hard to contain.

I loved seeing children wave and respond happily as we waved back at them. I also enjoyed the adults who despite the hot weather smiled and waved to us. It was wonderful to see unfamiliar faces as well as the faces of those we know. I don’t know if Roy’s rev’n the engine and taking out in a quick jump got a bigger reaction from those of us in the car or those in the crowd but all seemed to enjoy it. Some older folks I hollered at agreed that the car brought back memories from our younger years. It was a big hit and I thank Roy for providing it and his driving talents.

Guess what I’m trying to say, is that we have a great town with wonderful people. Some think that Sweet Home needs a theme or some gimmick to help it grow and continue. I don’t. I think we have the best gimmick of all. A wonderful town with a rich history full of people with diverse experience who for the most part enjoy honesty, hard work, clean play and good fellowship, and an environment that is truly beautiful to behold let alone live in. The richness that is Sweet Home is far beyond what any gimmick can achieve. Sure we have our issues. But they pale compared to our virtues. Working together, we can conquer the issues and expand the virtues.

Thanks for letting my family share this experience with you.

Rich “Baggy Shorts” Rowley

Sweet Home