PEO awards scholarships to four women

Sweet Home PEO Chapter DD has announced its annual scholarship winners.

Three young women were awarded Oregon State Chapter Scholarships. Samantha Hutchins and Mikayla Spencer were awarded scholarships last year. They both reapplied and received a second year of scholarships.

Victoria Ingram will be awarded $1,000 to complete her degree in Pre-Education at Western Oregon University.

Hutchins will be awarded $1,000 to complete her degree in Education at Western Oregon University.

Spencer will be awarded $2,000 to complete her degree in Social Work at Portland State University where she is planning on working as a Victim’s Advocate.

Rachel Busek will be awarded $1,250 for the Marguerite Scholarship to continue her education at Linn-Benton Community College where she is enrolled in the College Nursing Program.

“It is honor to be able to help out these young ladies,” said DeeDee Looney, education chairperson.

PEO’s purpose is to promote educational opportunities for deserving women of all ages, foster life-long supportive relationships and enhance the lives of those within its community.