Personal attacks going too far


Regarding the letter titled “Council off on cats, gambling” (April 11): I have a cat, so I can speak to that. My cat is kept indoors so that he does not get lost. Yes, he is retarded, or perhaps he has issues, in any event, when he gets out, he can’t find his way home, so we keep him inside. I have a dog, actually, a puppy. He will be licensed as soon as he gets his rabies shot.

I have done some gambling from time to time, place to place, so I can speak to that a bit. I rarely won and mostly lost, it did not matter if it was slots or cards, so I decided that I would not do that anymore except for the lottery, now and then.

I like to read The New Era and enjoy the banter on the editorial page. However, I do not like what I consider personal attacks on individual people when they are in disagreement with your (another person’s) position.

I often disagree with things Mona says, and if she asked me a question, I would answer it and state clearly what I did not agree with and more importantly, why I was in disagreement. That “why” is what is missing from your response. One last thing, I thought Mona was married to Bob Waibel? Does that not make her a Mrs?

Robert R. Smith

Sweet Home