Phone changes going to board

A committee of high school officials, teachers and students have developed new procedures for misuse of cell phones during school time.

The committee, which met after last month’s School Board meeting, has developed a tiered system of increasing sanctions, Principal Pat Stineff said. Details will be revealed at the next board meeting, at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19, at Crawfordsville School.

The school is prepared to send out an explanation of the procedure and have students begin signing it next week after the board has a chance to review it, Stineff said.

The subject came up during last month’s board meeting, when the board began reviewing a proposed policy for cell phones.

A number of students and parents have raised concerns about one proposed procedure that high school officials were

considering this year: confiscating cell phones from students when they use them during class time and returning them the following Monday. Current practice at the high school is to return the phone at the end of the day.