Phony scandles starting to smell


I’m pretty sure that the family of thousand of dead Hispanics are thrilled to hear that their deaths from the Fast and Furious gun fiasco is just a silly joke.

I’ll bet the family of the slain border guard are laughing out loud while waiting for their husband/son to come home smiling and explaining, “ Mom it was just phoney scandal; see, I’m OK.”

It will be great news for the family of the four dead Americans in Benghazi to hear it is all a phony scandal. Those guys will be home in time to vote in the next election for sure.

But then, again, Hillary was right when she said, “what difference does it make now?” She knew it was just a phony scandal.

Let’s not forget IRS targeting the Tea Party members for special consideration regarding their tax exempt status. Now that’s really a phony baloney scandal.

Hmmm. I wonder how many folks now are thinking that the $1.2 billion facility in Bluffdale, Utah, is just some phoney scheme. If the 150 to 200 people working there find out it’s all phony, they might be a tad bit upset.

This facility is supposed to hold information that the U. S. government is collecting on private citizens, but I guess we could close it down since it’s all just a phony scandal.

Obama is the magic wizard of all times, because with a few good speeches he can not only jump over tall buildings but can also fix all his problems past, present or future. He doesn’t really fix them, but they are gone, according to the main stream media.

Dang, it’s too darn bad Obama isn’t just a phony scandal – or is he? Maybe Erick Holder is really the president.

Jeani West

Sweet Home