Pile of pot found in front of City Hall

A pile of pot found Tuesday, Feb. 4, on 12th Avenue in front of City Hall was the most recent of several such incidents since last summer, according to police.

Last week, “we got a call that said there were marijuana leaves on the road,” Police Chief Bob Burford said. The call came in at 8:32 a.m. on Tuesday. Public Works cleaned it up with the street sweeper.

On Aug. 21, police found a small pile of stems and leaves at the intersection of 13th and Long streets.

On Aug. 14, police located leaves, but no buds, on the sidewalk in the 1300 block of Main.

Burford said he didn’t have the date available, but another significant amount was located at the intersection of Main and 12th streets also.

“Who knows why these people do what they’re doing,” he said. “But my guess is it’s their waste product, and they’re just getting their kicks and dumping it in a public area.”