Please move motor home


It is with concern and deep frustration that I write this letter. What does it take to get an abandoned vehicle moved off the side of the highway?

There is a motor home along Highway 20, just east of the weigh station, that was left there over a month ago! My wife and I regularly fish on Foster Lake and are tired of passing this disgraceful sight. I am sure others traveling Highway 20 are, also. With each week the vandalism to this vehicle gets worse.

Recently, a complaint was made to the Linn County Sheriff. We were told to contact the State Police. When the OSP was called on June 15, we were told that an officer would check it out. The motor home is still there! It needs to be removed and should have been moved weeks ago when it was first tagged.

I’m writing in hopes that others will speak out on this issue and this eyesore will be removed.

Freddy Vineyard

Sweet Home

Editor’s note: The motor home in question was still there Sunday afternoon., June 27.