Police in touch with community


We have lived here for over a year now and I have a story that I need to tell.

About 11 yeas ago in the winter I was taking my 5-month-old son to the doctor when my car broke down in an intersection in Bend. A school bus driver pulled up and offered to call someone for me. I told her thanks but an officer was just pulling up, and he would help me.

I walked up to the officer, thanking him for being there. He rudely told me that I was blocking traffic and to get my car off the road or he would have it impounded! I could not believe what I was hearing! I explained that I was taking my sick baby to the doctor and could he help me get my car off the road and give me a ride to my other car.

He told me that because traffic was being backed up he would help me move my car, but the Bend police did not run a cab service. He did let me use his phone to call someone to pick me and my son up.

As he left (before my ride came) he told me that if my car was there that evening it would be towed! He had no consideration for my baby in the car with no heat or the fact he was sick! I did call the sergeant later that day and he said that the officer was wrong, then called back two days later to let me know he was disciplined.

Why am I writing this? I have been reading the editorials in this newspaper since I moved here. What is an officer who helps someone chase down their dog regardless of the situation? An officer who wouldn’t think twice about helping someone stranded with or without a sick baby. I did vote for the police levy and have no regrets.

I believe our officers are in touch with our community and truly want to keep it that way. As far as the negative remarks about Sweet Home. Since we have moved here we have been welcomed into this wonderful town by people who still know what a community should be made of. I would encourage people who have been blessed by the help of our officers to write in so the new people in our community realize how lucky they truly are!

Lisa Cuevas Sweet Home