Police, schools outweigh pool


I read your article “Levy to be first option for pool” in the Oct. 5 paper. As a tax-paying citizen I favor police and education over recreation and sports any day.

With the number of drug and crime cases the police deal with in this small area, we need to increase our police force, not reduce it. With our educational rankings falling worldwide we need to put more emphasis on learning and less on sports.

We need to make the good old three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) our top priorities.

I think we should close the pool to relieve the strain on our dwindling tax revenues. Perhaps the swim club and the polo club could rent time at the Lebanon pool if they wish to continue. How many children from our area are in the swim club and polo team anyway? I think $250,000 can be put to better use elsewhere.

We need to keep our focus on what is best for the majority and that would be more teachers and policemen, not less. I would like to see my tax dollars used to build and re-inforce my community.

Don Austin

Sweet Home