Policies exist to be followed


After attending Monday night’s School Board meeting, I would like to give credit to Supt. Larry Horton and all of the School Board members in making a very difficult decision.

The time and effort that has gone into this basically comes down to one thing, and that is the policy that was agreed upon by past boards.

What was brought up during the meeting in regard to putting this decision off just because there are board members who are coming up for reelection and new members may not agree with the current board’s decision is utterly ridiculous.

If this is the case, why do we have policies in the first place? It’s just like doing away with laws because the next person in charge may not agree with the current law. This board has the responsibility to follow through with decisions from the past.

It’s time to stop pitting one community against another, one school against another and one child against another. Let’s work together as an entire district through these difficult times now and in the future.

My husband and I have a child in Foster School. We have spoken many times throughout this year. If it only took one student to stop a school from closing, we would commute our daughter to whichever school needed that one just to keep it open.

I want what’s best for all the children. I commit approximately 10 hours per week volunteering at various elementary schools within this district. It is great to see these children flourish and see their progress.

Right now, you have two communities that are proud of their schools, parents putting in their time and effort with volunteering and staff who put the children first. Just think what could come with combining these two communities into one great school, showing Sweet Home children what it’s really like with getting together and working together – and the suggestion from one family who will be affected by this closure – renaming Holley School to something that will include both schools, showing one school is not better than the other. Both are great schools.

In the end, administrators, teachers, parents and children now know what to expect and do not have to deal with the stress of what is going to happen.

I also hope the parents that are making statements about moving their children to the Charter School really look into and make sure it is the right fit.

I regret having our daughter there in kindergarten, and if I could redo the past, she never would have gone there. It suits the needs of some children but not all. Be prepared to make sure you will commit your time.

As far as the budget, I think people need to think twice before spouting off that the administrators and staff should be taking “unreasonable” pay cuts. Just remember, our staff makes significantly less than Albany.

Question: “Are we willing to lose staff that put our children first and give them a quality education that you want for your children?”

To the people who are saying for staff to take the cuts, maybe you need to look into your own pockets and offer to donate whatever percentage you’re recommending the administrators and staff take. They do have families and bills to pay, just like you and me.

Melanie Fassler

Sweet Home