Portland mayhem looks planned


Doesn’t anyone wonder why the mayor of Portland doesn’t want the police to quell the mobs in Portland? 

It’s been two months of vandalism, burning of private property, etc., etc., and still no one in power wants to stop it.

This isn’t any longer a protest.  It’s a takedown of Portland, of Salem and all the big cities of our country where the population is condensed. Take down the big cities and then the rest of the country. 

This is not American.  This is not about Black lives. This is a coup.  This is a carefully planned assassination of our country by those who prefer socialism over democracy. 

Think about it:  How could all those Mayors of all those cities not want law and order?  They are sympathetic to the cause. 

They want this to happen.  They don’t want it to stop.

As law and order break down, something will fill it.  Usually, the strong will win over the weak.  Crime will be rampant, food and supplies will dry up and control over all the people will happen just like it happened when Lenin took over the the country of Russia.

Sadly, they don’t teach this in schools any more.

They don’t teach what happened to Venezuela when democracy was overturned.  Once a thriving country, it is now a starving country.  Famine, unemployment, poverty everywhere.

If our president doesn’t step in to control the out-of-control cities, we are in big trouble.

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home