Questions about proposed clinic


I have a few questions concerning the new health clinic being proposed at the Sweet Home High School.

If a student comes to school so sick that they need medical attention shouldn’t you call the parent and tell them to come get the student or send the student home so they won’t expose the entire student body to whatever problem they have, well duh?

I was informed that the parents would have to sign a consent form before a child can obtain medical services through the clinic.

Under Oregon State law: (ORS 109.640) “A minor 15 years of age and older may give their own consent for general health services and there is no minimum age requirement for birth control services. Any physician or nurse practitioner may provide birth control and services to any person regardless of age with out parental consent.” (ORS 109.610) They would be violating state law by withholding reproductive health services if parental consent is not available. Won’t the school district have to comply with the state laws?

The district will have no authority to look at the patient records or even ask what type of treatment the student has received.

Therefore there is really no accountability to the district or parents by the health clinic. Who is responsible if something does go wrong? The district claims that the Samaritan Hospital is responsible, but the law allows for what is referred to as “Deep Pocket” lawsuits.

Why should we duplicate services that are already available to all students at Sweet Home High School?

The school already provides many services offered through the proposed school clinic. We have school nurses, immunization clinics, free health exams, and wellness clinics available at the schools. We have Linn County health clinic less than a mile from the school.

If a student is sick what will the clinic do? Students are protected by the same privacy laws that adults have, so legally will the district be able to call the parent?

What kinds of medication will be made available on site? I know that the nurse practitioner will be able to write prescriptions.

One of the reasons given to me for having this clinic at school is because so many families do not have the money or the time to take the student to the doctor, so what makes the district think that the parent will have the time or the money to buy the necessary prescriptions for their student or have the time to make sure their student takes the medication?

Will the nurse practitioner be allowed to take the student to the druggist to have prescription filled? Will they also follow the student home to make certain the student takes the medication?

Does the district intend to follow up on the recommendations given by the clinic staff? If there is a major medical problem who will be responsible to get that student to the proper treatment center?

Since you will not be allowed to discuss medical treatment with the parent I will assume that the district will also have to provide this service.

Who will pay for all of this? Oregon law (ORS 109.610): “The consent of the parent, or legal guardian of such a minor shall not be necessary to authorize such hospital, medical or surgical care and without given consent the parent, parents, or legal guardian shall not be liable for any such care rendered.”

Who is going to make sure the student doesn’t give the drugs to other students?

I am certain more questions will come up for me and other people. Please attend the public form that will be held on June 22 and the board meeting July 10 to express your concerns.

Jeani West

Sweet Home