RBG: President in charge for 4 years


Diane Daiute opines in her Sept. 23 letter that the GOP is playing dirty. Her entire missive is apparently prompted by the pending nomination of a SCOTUS justice. She digresses into her revisionist interpretation of history but the wound she is assuaging is the pending presidential appointment.

In this, she reminds me of the man who complained that the other team won by playing dirty.

“But they played by the rules,” his friend replied.

“Yeah!” huffed the man, “But they were dirty rules.”

In response to this, I quote the notorious RBG: “The president is elected for four years, not three years, so the power he has in Year 3 continues into Year 4.” So contrary to RBG’s observation, it’s dirty for the president to fulfill his constitutional duty in the last year of his term!

To quote that great GOP pontiff, Barack Hussein Obama: “Elections have consequences.” Oops, that was Dem party. Sorry about that… #FillTheSeat

Rich Rowley

Sweet Home