Real problems not those cited in letter


In response to the letter entitled “Gambling Not Real Problem (April 18),” I believe that the author is completely correct – it is not the gambling.

The real problem is the attitude of people who cannot see the good for fear of taking their focus off of the negative. If support of bringing gambling into town had been the focus of the letter, it would seem that more words would have been spent supporting the issue, instead of making twice as many negative digs on the town and character of Sweet Home.

I completely and passionately disagree with your opinion of Sweet Home. I am curious which part of this community you actually go out into. I have walked around this town by myself, with dogs and children (sometimes in large groups) and have never been threatened by a loose pit bull. Although I may have encountered a goose or two.

I don’t believe for a minute that the nice people “stay in their houses all the time.” I work smack in the middle of this town every day, and every day I encounter numerous nice people. I have three children in school sports programs and therefore attend a lot of community sporting events where the stands are full of nice people.

I have four teenaged children. They have a lot of teachers. They have a lot of friends. Their friends have parents. Again, nice people, nice people, nice people!

I am appalled at the statement “This town has never wanted anything new to come into the community.” I work for a local organization that has brought more good into this community than anyone could have envisioned. Ever heard of the Oregon Jamboree?

Where is the corruption that was spoken of? Is the author on any city government committees or involved in community service programs? Have they been involved with the youth of the city or the elderly? It can’t be found there.

I was raised in this town. I returned to this town to raise my own children. The people that helped raise me are helping me raise mine by being a positive example of how a community supports its own.

When it comes to the people of Sweet Home, there is an unsurpassed level of commitment to support those in need. Pockets are deep and hearts are overflowing when a member of the community is in crisis.

The Sweet Home I live in is nice to the core. I believe the people that I encounter and those the author encounters are one and the same. I simply see them through a glass that’s half full.

Carlene Erickson

Sweet Home