Recalling Arlene Moody, ‘great lady’


A great Sweet Home lady has passed away.

It was Arlene Moody. She was deceased Chief of Police Roy Clover’s sister-in-law. When I went to work for Sweet Home Police Department in 1970, she and Chief Clover’s wife “Dude” were both dispatchers.

Being a rookie, given a gun with only instructions to not shoot anyone, I was set loose on the streets of Sweet Home. Arlene and Dude became my lifeline with the department on many a lonely shift. Arlene’s knowledge of the city and police work were so immense, she became a great friend and colleague.

At that time in Sweet Home there was a power struggle going on between Chief Clover and some disgruntled ex-police officers. The whole department was struggling; what a breath of fresh air was Arlene to this young rookie. Without her, in those early days, I doubt I would have lasted to retire after 21 years in law enforcement.

Sweet Home Police Department should hold a memorial service in her honor.

Richard “Dick” Leland, Sr.

Benson, Ariz.

Retired law enforcement officer