Recycling-based plastic promising


After only five years of development an Israeli company, UBQ Materials (stands for “ubiquitous”), has patented a process that breaks down regular household waste such as dirty diapers, food scraps, garden trimmings, all plastics, paper…., virtually everything! except metal and glass and turns it into a bio-based thermo-plastic that can be utilized either on its own or as an additive.

The first product to be made from UBQ Materials for the public appropriately was recycling bins, which Central Virginia Waste Management Authority bought in 2000.

UBQ has developed a “loopability” testing program which proved that UBQTM is recyclable and perform better than polymers.

Loopability trials show that UBQTM materials can be recycled over five times without degrading, while plastic materials begin degradation on first use.

UBQ Materials is looking to expand production into the U.S. and so far have listed Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Texas and North Carolina as possible production sites. How about Oregon?

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home