Registering to vote not that difficult


How come having a photo ID card won’t stop you from getting a driver’s license, setting up a baking account, taking a trip on a bus, train, or plane, checking into a motel, hotel, buying liquor, cigarettes, a house, cashing a check, using a credit card, a social security card, obtaining a mail box at the post office, welfare benefits, food stamp or HUD housing, accessing medical facilities, getting a new doctor, the new Obama health care program or attending class at your local high school, college or University, yet making you get a photo ID stops you from voting? Really!

No one seems to have any problem making sure they have the proper ID to do any of the above, yet people can’t find the time or make the effort to get a ID card to vote.

How many people do you think really can’t get an ID card? I’d say only those who are not allowed to vote in the first place.

I would wager a bet that if you gave every voter who has a voter ID card access to food stamps, you would have no problem with everyone having a voter ID card.

I would also bet that most people already have a picture ID card that they can use to vote.

Jeani West

Sweet Home